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Product Development

We are known in the B2B industry for our product innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. We have developed custom products for different industries including the logistics industry, a marketing and lead management tool, and many more! We aim to create a user-friendly product that captures the essence of the business and simplifies the backend operations for better accommodation.

Digital Transformation with Way2Smile Solutions

We are not a big fan of stealth. We come with a bang!

Here are some of the projects we have helped create for the clients

AI-enabled travel e-guide

A direct and simple approach to facilitate travellers across the globe to know the ins and outs of the destination. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the mix helps travellers to discover and explore places that are aligned with their interests.

This application also allows the local merchants to expand their operations by creating a platform where they are discoverable by the travellers. One can also link their social media accounts to this application for instant reviews.


Event Management Portal

An event management portal needs to be fluid and highly responsive for the end-user. Though the booking of the party halls or resorts or hotels is influenced by factors like budget, location, etc. availability seems to be the key factor.

To fit into this highly dynamic process, the application is streamlined to its fullest and many filters are placed along the way for the customers to choose a place within a short span of time.


Delivery Management Portal

We created a state-of-the-art delivery management software that can change the last-mile delivery operations and the logistics operations forever! Our software leverages technology to create the most efficient way to ship or deliver products to the customers.

our software has many features like route optimization, simplified backend process, dashboard presentation, data analytics incorporation, and a lot more!


Car Dealer & Supplier Management Apps

This app focuses on one thing and one thing only- customer satisfaction. The automobile space has a lot of practical hiccups which we addressed through design upgrades. We developed a system that helps customers to manage their payment history with the automobile giant.

Our software is also designed to develop a mutual bond between the company and customers. Customers can verify the credibility of the cars from our software.


Smart Lead Management System

We have built a custom application called “chasm” that helps businesses to manage all their leads and prospects in a single place. Businesses can monitor their whole sales operation here. This makes reporting a lot easier, but also the information transfer is at a much higher pace.

You can also follow up on these leads and extract data from this application to identify the sales patterns or to understand the key performing areas of the business.


Perfume Distribution Portal & Apps

The design layout for the perfume distribution portal is simple yet elegant. A one-stop destination to buy perfumes from a curated list of popular brands. The interface is designed in a way that lets customers explore various brands.

The website is integrated with their social media handles and vice versa. This helps to develop better customer engagement and increases the scope for lead to sales conversion.

The website is integrated with



Diverse Fields we have worked on...

Government and Enterprises

Governments should leverage technology to increase the intensity of their plans and operations. Digitizing the existing records, and finding a way to import the new records to a safe and secure medium can make all the difference in the world! Understanding the schematics of a society is much easier when more data is available!

Oil & Gas

The world relies on the oil and gas industry. Enhancing the operations in this industry is a must, given that countries are focusing on building a sustainable future for the next generation. Robotics and AI can replace humans while performing a task that may carry heavy risk with it.

Tourism & hospitality

When done right, the tourism and hospitality industry could act as supplementary revenue for the country. Many countries in the global arena are promoting their heritage through tourism. To facilitate this process and to simplify it, digitalization becomes the obvious choice. The incorporation of technology can diversify the process and help cross the barriers in between.

Manufacturing & Automotive

The production line can always be optimized; no matter what! Incorporating technology in the manufacturing industry will help develop the accuracy of the system. More uniformity in the production means minimal usage of the resources. Optimum resource management helps to keep the pocket light!

Logistics & Supply Chain

Supply chain management is an integral part of any business/enterprise. Logistics come under supply chain management, but the scope for logistics is so vast that the department itself is considered to be a distinct market. Digitalizing the industry will increase the overall efficiency of the system.


We share the greater goal of the healthcare industry and have collaborated with many hospitals, specialists, and organizations to decentralize the resources for a better reach. Digitally transforming the healthcare industry can help democratize the industry by providing quality services to a large population.


The need to incorporate minimalism in the finance and banking sectors is much needed in recent times. Simplifying such a complex industry is possible only by leveraging technology to find the right solutions. Security is also a major concern in this industry, but digitalization can make this a piece of cake!

Real Estate

Real estate is a trillion-dollar market. The prospects of real estate are not just limited to houses, but commercial buildings, plots, etc. and franchises. Forming decisions based on future trends is the right way to approach this industry. This is also more of an investment so the channels of engagement should be precise and well-informed.

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Way2Smile Solutions is a software development and IT consulting company in Abu Dhabi that is all about scaling up your business. Our passion for technology and our 10+ years of experience in the domain keeps us on our toes.


We embrace diversity to think out-of-the-box and break any confinement to keep the innovation flowing.

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