Who are we?

Way2Smile Solutions is a pioneer in the global IT consulting and digital transformation arena. We help enterprises and governments to align and optimize their operations through technological innovation. We are in this industry for more than 15 years, and one thing that we learnt is that there is always space for optimization!

Our team is diverse and their skillsets are not limited to a specific domain. They understand the flow of the market and focus on creating the most practical and realistic solutions to solve an issue.

Our solutions are specifically aligned with the sustainable development goals to create a positive impact in the community. We have 7 global offices across the globe, and we strictly follow the best environmental practices to help create a sustainable future.

Our approach:

Our approach to web design focuses on two major factors- aesthetics and functionality. We aim to provide a complete web experience for the users (your customers) rather than creating a self-centred design.

  • The goal is to create an impeccable first impression that conveys your brand story. This positive brand experience will push users to explore your brochure/menu.
  • A convincing user experience that is lag-free and fluid with the right type of aesthetics to complement the brand story is the recipe for a successful website!

Our clients

We want to create a personal brand experience for our clients. An experience that is unique and makes a statement; not just in Abu Dhabi, but in the global market.

Technology stack

Our web developers are highly skilled in the following technologies, but what makes them stand out from the crowd is their ability to empathize with the end-product from the customer's point of view.








Areas we have worked in

Our SMEs help us to operate across various industries. Our diverse work profile is one of our big strengths!

Oil and Gas

O&G industry is at an all-time high. Leveraging technology is the most practical way to enhance the operations surrounding this industry. The scope of the industry in recent times have increased by many folds with the upcoming technologies like AI, AR, robotics automation, etc.

Tourism and hospitality

Approaching the tourism industry with a wider perspective can push the overall economy and growth by a great margin. Leveraging digital technologies to capture the essence of global travellers opens up a world full of possibilities! It also increases the credibility of your country in the global arena.


The logistics industry holds a massive market size and provides business and employment opportunities for millions of people. We have created a product called ManageTeamz to optimize the industry’s operations even further. The goal is to use the digital medium for effective data organization and accumulation.

Real estate

The space for technological innovation is vast in real estate. Real estate is more of an investment for the majority of the population and using technological prowess, one can decentralize the resources available in this industry. it also helps the governments to understand resource accumulation through data analytics.


Technological disruption in the banking industry is transforming the lives of people. Digitizing has been a great help in maintaining the records, but most importantly, new trends like AI and big data analytics are shaping up the industry by eradicating the complexity of the process.


The healthcare industry is transforming into a better version of itself as technological intervention keeps getting stronger. It not only increases the quality of the healthcare available to the public but also increases the audience who are receiving the healthcare services.

Our featured works

Here is a taste of our portfolio. The list goes on and on…

Live Tracking App
Last Mile Delivery Delivery Management
Real Estate Portal
Real Estate Luxury Platform
Food Ordering Application
Food Delivery PWA
Ocean Observation System
Disaster Management SDG Solution
More Portfolio
Years Of Experience

We have worked with a diverse group of clients in our 15 years of experience in this industry! All one need is an idea and the conviction to work on it. We have embarked on our new journey to be one of the best web development companies in Austin.

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All the professionals working at w2ssolutions are knowledgeable in their own field since they are certified by completing challenging courses in the industry.

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