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Application Development

Our certified set of expert developers are here to analyze every single business requirement and make it true. We deal with diverse services ranging from UI/UX Designing, feature-packed web development, responsive mobile solutions, top-notch cloud infrastructure deployment.

Data & Analytics

Dealing with data is going to be hassle-free with us! We remain updated with the latest trends in Data & Analytics and implement them in our solution. We also deal with interactive dashboards and a complete package of tools that can assist you with business decision making.

Product Development

We are responsible for delivering high-quality and user-friendly Products that come with reusable platforms provided at a reasonable cost. Our knowledgeable developers make sure the product comes with robust features in accordance with the business requirements.

Cloud Deployment

We undertake Cloud Services to a greater extent by providing the best-in-class cloud infrastructure using the recent technologies and trends prevailing in the industry. With rich expertise, we come up with solutions that can perfectly fit into your business easily.


We leverage Artificial Intelligence as a priority and gather their social interests to offer suggestions accordingly. Travels can get to know the locations nearby. Be it a must-visit one, a hotel/ restaurant of their budget, a nearby event which they may be interested in.

Additionally, local vendors who are selling their products can register on this app and can enhance the business. Similarly, people looking to organize an event can create news here. If there are any local chefs out there, register to gain traveler’s attention. Travelers looking to taste local home foods can reach out to them as well.


Insure Tech

This Insurance platform comes with multiple of features which is helpful for stakeholders in Finance industry. It comes with a separate set of features for the owner of the product, Employees, Broker, Adjudicator, etc. Additionally, Email Templates are available which can be customized according to the needs. It also comes with a Reports section that contains all sets of data that can be verified further and sent for claiming.



We have developed this fully-featured application that can keep track of live location instantly. This is applicable to all industries which include E-Commerce, Food Delivery, etc. With a separate set of features for both Admin and User end, we have made the process quite simple. Also comes with a reports section where data are stored. Notifications are regularly sent to the customers which include the details of dispatch, delivery date, contact details of the delivery person, the live location, etc.


Master Info Systems

25 years of oceanographic data, Analyzed and rendered in less than 5 seconds. With the power of Data Scientists and data modelling, our application development team built robust solutions that eventually saves human lives and sends SoS alerts when there is a natural calamity.

The predictive analysis model helped and perfectly predicted the direction of storm and weather forecasting.


For a US basedBiomedical Research Institution

An Interactive tool that helps Researchers and scientists to analyze gene patterns, cluster and make a decision of how genes react based on specific parameters.

Rshiny is integrated with Python and integrated with Angular High Chart. Offering Reports download with various filter criterias simplifies the process of exchanging patterns between scientists.


ERP Implementation

To make the process of accessing, managing, and automating the tasks effectively, we have come up with ERP software for our clients which stands out from the crowd. We have integrated multiple features both in the case of Front-end and Back-End to make the application functional and friendly. In the case of e-Learning, our software comes as the perfect fit which also solves the real-time challenges in the traditional educational systems.



Regardless of the type of health organization, we cater to their needs effectively. Be it a custom or a readymade software, we work on them by implementing technologies such as Data Science, Business Intelligence, etc.

Safety, Security, and Privacy of Health data are taken into consideration to embrace Digital Transformation in a very short span of time. Our lengthy portfolio speaks the tracked records of success in the Healthcare Industry to global clients.

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To automate the Fintech business digitally, we integrate Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and make the application fully-secure and scalable. Our solutions are built in a way that meets the modern needs of the Finance industry.

We build tailor-made fintech services that can help you with making profits with our stack of experience across a wide range of platforms. Out intuitive UX and responsive design of the software will attract your customers.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality is adopted to track the live status of the crops and alerts people. In addition to this, we make it feature-packed which will be beneficial both for the current era and upcoming generation as well.

To render a digital experience for your customers, we have customized Fintech software solutions with our in-depth knowledge and also considering future insights. Our motto is to provide end-to-end data-driven services exceptionally.

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We don’t just stop with Development/Consulting, added we also offer maintenance and upgrade services for your products. Regardless of how complex your business requirements are, we are here to make it into reality for all the enterprises.

We integrate fully-functional APIs and data with the latest security mechanisms to get rid of threats and patches. Our motto is to enhance the business agility and efficiency of the business to a higher level with good customer experience.

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Be it a Government, Travel, Education, or any other industry, we understand the requirements to the fullest and implement them accordingly. Our top-notch solution would drive business growth and thereby increase your revenues.

We also transform your traditional business into automated by adopting various sets of technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, AI, Data Analytics, Cloud Solutions to make this happen. It can be efficient and robust for your business.

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About Us

Way2Smile Solutions, the premier IT Consulting Company renders diverse solutions for multiple industries to enhance their businesses instantly. We have a good set of experience in all the latest technologies and implement them effectively in accordance with the requirements stated. We deal with handling all the advanced tools and integrate to provide a fully-featured and user-friendly applications. The major motto is to bring out a unique solution that can turn the goal true. We have worked across 250+ global clients and have delivered them solutions that are the right fit for their industry!

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