We deliver an absolutely scalable, robust and highly responsive custom ASP .NET web and mobile applications and offer unique User Experiences.

We create the enterprise .NET solutions with the capability to produce high-quality reports and resulting which instigates a greater efficiency for businesses to add value to the customer.

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Way2Smile maximum leverages on the availability of cutting edge web solutions that have evolved through the .NET framework and then deliver high-quality products and services for Business Owners and end-users. We specialise in building applications for web, mobile and cloud.

Custom .NET Development

Our .NET developers collaborate with your business to understand the requirements and then design and create web applications that is fully compatible for upgrading additional features. We usually handle ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server for custom .NET Developments.

.Net Migration

Way2Smile offers a range of migration services that might enable you to revamp your existing legacy application into an all new .NET software version. We elegantly write the reusable code for migrating your web application data over the clouds and ensure that it works error free.

Uncover the potential of .NET with our Web experts

Asp.NET MVC Web solutions

We build ASP.NET MVC pattern-based websites and then forcibly segment the application for a responsive presentation. It gives total control despite while coding for the mark-up or agile development process that is integrated with the business logic at the backend. We design web applications using Angular JS and then compile it to be bug free for making its performance refined.

REST API WCF Development

We take clear advantage of WCF and then allow services to be operated at runtime environment for all the REST API functions. We create apps with specific business functions like one way messaging and message queues that can respond instantly by returning the XML and JSON data.

Microsoft Services and Scheduler

We are .NET experts well aware of the vastly available Microsoft Services and Schedulers which can be effectually handled for configuring emails, accomplishing tasks and secure transactions utilizing a nodal account. In addition .NET developments allow more number of .NET based plug-ins to be integrated quickly.

SQL Scheduler

We have the professional SQL Administrators who can program the DB commands and enable a series of operations to be performed over the SQL Scheduler. We work with scripts like T-SQL and ActiveX and then securely record the redundant tasks based on weekly, monthly or yearly schedules.

SQL Server Database Migration

Normally transferring the Database Migration process is a complex and tedious task when it comes to the legacy systems. Our .NET Database Administrator can efficiently handle the mySQL, Files and Access DB to create .NET Application and further migrate it to MS SQL Server. We have given the following steps involved in the database migration.

Steps are:

  • 1.Write Scripts to extract mandatory files from each data source
  • 2.Resolve for any errors in the data
  • 3.Create extract and then perform the data clean up
  • 4.Complete the transform, load migration process and further evaluate

.NET in the cloud

We comprehend the intricate working style of .NET application which act as a virtual server in the cloud. Our .NET developers are expertize in utilizing the Cloud Computing Infrastructure and to build a range of facilities within the .NET application enabling it totally accessible across servers, storage, database and application services. We work with instance node like Elastic Computing Cloud version 2.0 along with Relational Database Services to deploy your business application quite effectively.

Mobile App Experts
Proven Track Records
Broad range of Tech Solutions
Start up specialists

An Invoice Management system and payment processing app focusing Small, Medium Enterprises and Startups.Built with Dot NET framework and latest technologies, Application offers innovative and secured Funds transaction solution. Integrated with AngularJS and hosted in Amazon Web Services, we offer a reliable and cutting edge web solution.

Management Information System for Hospital
An effective Management Info System helps hospitals in strategic planning, operational and management control, scheduling control, goal setting, organization communication, decision making and risk management among other areas. Solution that offers group of Hospitals to manage their patient information, vendor, supplier and customer information and let to make efficient decisions.
Employee benefits app :

We have experience in building apps for Brokers, Providers,MGAs and TPAs that offers an online platform. This helps employers to manage health and wellness claims.

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