The coronavirus pandemic has affected more than 800,000 cases in the world as of 31st March 2020. The reason is that coronavirus can be spread easily if an infected person coughs or sneezes in the presence of other people. In fact, the virus can be transmitted even by touching things having the virus on them. Once the virus gets on the hand of a healthy person and they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth, they can become infected. Early detection of this disease is very difficult because usually the symptoms show up after a few days of getting infected, and till then, the person may have already unknowingly transferred the virus to other people. This is why community transmission is common and coronavirus cases have exploded in some countries like China, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, the U.S.A., etc. However, if everyone uses masks to cover their faces and noses and maintain social distancing, catching the virus can be avoided. The WHO and governments of all the affected countries lay emphasis on cleaning hands using soap and water and using sanitizer, as the virus can get killed by thoroughly cleaning the hands.

How Are Apps Helpful In Tackling Coronavirus?

In the above-mentioned cases, would not it be helpful if you know who has contracted the disease or shows symptoms so that you can avoid meeting them and contracting coronavirus disease? This is where artificial healthcare app development companies come into play, as they are developing applications to help their users know about –

  • The details of infected people
  • How likely they are to contract the disease
  • Symptoms and diseases
  • Talk directly to the medical professionals

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that is concerned with making smart machines capable of doing tasks that generally require human intelligence. In this case, the apps allow the users to access pre-installed information and some apps also diagnose a disease if the user selects their symptoms. There have been cases where even after following proper protocol, doctors and nurses have not been able to protect themselves from this infection. This, along with the panic and fear of coronavirus are so much in the people is because of its fatality rate. Out of 800,000, more than 39,500 people could not be saved, which means the disease has a death rate of almost 5%. So, those who care about their lives and follow the instructions of the government would not like to step out of their houses unnecessarily. Some apps offer enhanced patient experience where the user can communicate directly and easily with their health care provider and their staff via –

  • Video calls
  • Calls
  • Texts

They can clear all their doubts regarding their symptoms and even get treated through such apps. By talking to experienced health professionals and letting them examine you virtually, the doctors can prescribe medications and treatments for general illnesses, which has become the need of the hour. Coronavirus transfers very easily and the only way to protect oneself is to stay at home and avoid going to public places like hospitals, train stations, malls, supermarkets, etc. The symptoms of coronavirus are –

  • Dry cough
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Body ache
  • sore throat

Generally, a person having common flu or cold, or any general disease will also show the same symptoms. So, people tend to panic if they are showing these symptoms and consider visiting hospitals to get checked for coronavirus. However, you must know that these are common symptoms and before getting yourself tested, it is better to get diagnosed while sitting at home through the app that lets you connect with experienced medical professionals. This is important because simply stepping out of the house means inviting the virus. The symptoms of coronavirus do not show until a few days, which means a number of people have coronavirus may be roaming around without even knowing they are carriers of this disease. And you may come in contact with them while visiting hospital, grocery store, etc. But if you use telemedical apps to get medications for general illnesses, you can save yourself from going out of your house.

Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Apps

Artificial intelligence plays a huge role here, as the app will connect you with a doctor who has specialization in the required field only. For example, if you are suffering from severe headache, you would not want to talk to a gynecologist. Talking to a specialist this way can save you from visiting the hospital unnecessarily.

  • One other way apps use artificial intelligence is that they directly connect the user to a health professional through chat, voice call, or video call. This comes handy because people who have any health issues are scared to step out of their homes. They believe that if they visit a hospital to get tested, they may end up getting more infections, especially when instances of health professionals contracting the coronavirus have come forward.
  • Apps using artificial intelligence are letting people screen themselves for the COVID-19. As a result, the pressure on the healthcare institutions reduces and people who are at higher risk of contracting the disease are warned too. This allows the people to get screened for coronavirus in time, which can save their lives as well as lives around them.
  • Such apps require the user to fill in a questionnaire first. Their answers are then evaluated by AI using an algorithm. Then, their risk assessment is revealed and the nearest health facilities may also be alerted. This is specifically useful because medical facilities are overwhelmed by the rising cases and providing treatment to the affected.
  • The apps also try to pacify the people amid the coronavirus scare by giving the right information and reminding them to take protective measures against the disease. Furthermore, there are apps that show the areas that are more likely to have the virus, which allows the users to know where they should not go. This is possible only because of artificial intelligence.


Everyone has a smartphone with them and amid coronavirus lockdown, mobiles are becoming the reason why everyone is able to endure staying at home and dealing with disheartening coronavirus updates. Through healthcare apps developed by healthcare app development companies, people can easily talk to medical professionals while sitting at their home and get treated for common illnesses. The apps also help users in knowing whether their cough and general flu are seasonal. Through the apps specifically made for marking risky places where a person is more likely to contract the disease, a person can avoid going there and protect themselves in a more efficient way from coronavirus. Furthermore, if a person uses apps that teach and update them about coronavirus, they can be less stressed and maintain their mental health amid the epidemic.