Way back in the year 2010, Odoo was providing services to more than a hundred employees as an OpenERP. During that time, the Odoo products were great but not among the finest in the market. The fact is that Odoo was so busy in delivering services to its customers that it didn’t take the time out to build extraordinary products. So, what changed for Odoo Software Development Company? Odoo came to the realization that it was time to bring a major change in the business model. It started giving proper weightage to key areas, like Odoo implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Consultancy, Odoo Training, and Odoo Support.

Due to this change, Odoo also altered its existing business model and increased the efforts given towards research and development initiatives. Also, in tandem, it stopped providing direct services to the customers and began building and maintaining a strong network of Official Odoo partners. It also gave rise to a group freelancers who work on providing Odoo functionalities and features to businesses. This brings us to the present discussion: Odoo Partners vs Freelancers, which one should your company go for? Which option is your best bet in realizing the project goals that you have in mind? Let’s find out!

Experience in managing startup development and major projects

Offering a complete cycle of services has a crucial role to play in ensuring the absolute satisfaction for any company, startup project, or individual. This full-service cycle for Odoo Software Development Company involves business and gap analysis, Odoo consulting, and furnishing business flows in Odoo default behaviors with personalization at each stage to fit Odoo for all businesses.

The Official Odoo partners can also help clients in figuring out their monetization strategy before going live with their ecommerce services and ERP. When you are an entrepreneur attempting to make your startup successful, these steps are crucial.

Quality of service and specialization offered

Working with the Official Odoo partners means having an entire team of qualified professionals, i.e., QAs, managers, designers, and developers, with different knowledge and skills. As mentioned before, for every step of the services you need, there are specific experts playing unique roles. On the other hand, freelancers offer all-in-one services, with no specific specialization at any step. A good thing about Odoo Partners is that you can be assured about their quality of work in odoo erp implementations.

But, in Odoo Partners vs Freelancers debate, the latter’s work will have to be checked by you to make sure that they have maintained official standards. You might even have some involvement in the technical matters of the project. Working with Odoo Partners lets you focus on the real tasks of expanding your business, rather than checking the technical stuff or quality criteria. The Partners have proper systems and standards set by Odoo that they need to follow at every step.

Effectively coordinating development workflows

When working with Partners of the Odoo Software Development Company, you just need to be in touch with the project manager, go through the final documents of the finished work, approve the work or offer suggestions, and then, wait for the next stage of the project to be completed.

This systematic process of odoo erp implementations ensures that deadlines are never missed. It’s not like freelancers don’t meet deadlines or are not great at their job. However, a single freelancer usually works with multiple customers at one point in time. It generally makes them ask for longer deadlines than the Partners. So, this round of Odoo Partners vs Freelancers, goes to the Partners.

Flexibility and scalability showcased in the work

The initiation of the new project makes many companies concerned with the expertise, communication, and price. However, an often overlooked area in odoo erp implementations is the ability of a company to increase or decrease the team size depending on the requirements of the project.

The Odoo Software Development Company Partner will dedicate a team of expert developers. This team can change in size or eliminate one or two members based on the needs of the client and the project requirements. A flexible Partner will offer you the support needed to ensure that the technological needs are fulfilled while constantly seeking ways to bring down the overall production cost.

The facility to check the Partner’s reputation before hiring

The reputation of a company is not like the instant noodle that you can whip up in two minutes. The reputation of the Official Odoo partners stems from the vision, mission, and values in the working environment. You can check the details of every Odoo Partner at the official page of Odoo. You can check the partnership category and customer references of the service providers they have worked with. In terms of odoo erp implementations, one of the best parts of choosing Odoo Partners is that their key factor is their expertise and strength, which ensures that they don’t suffer from cold feet.

The consistency in delivering high-quality services

Suppose you have a good product solution or idea in your mind, and you are thinking about taking the next step in implementing the idea. But, before taking that step ahead, you will have to decide about Odoo Partners vs Freelancers. It’s important to trust a reliable support in bringing your ideas to life. Imagine a situation where you are searching for a product in a reputed ecommerce store, such as Amazon. You checked and found that the same product is there on another new or never-heard-before ecommerce store for a slightly less price.

So, which ecommerce store would you go for? Obviously, you will trust Amazon because you know it is reliable and trustworthy. You will choose a popular ecommerce site like Amazon because their services, over time, have helped in cultivating trust, proved consistency, and assured you of their quality. After all, the leading ecommerce sites are not merely service providers. They evoke a sense of trust with their dedication towards quality. In the same way, the Official Odoo partners have proven their worth by completely taking responsibility for the work that they do. They will safely provide refunds and replacements, if any fault is found in their work.

Access to Enterprise Edition source code

You can think of Odoo Partners as the authorized stores of the Odoo ERP Software Development Company. An official Partner can access the Enterprise Edition source code, and report a bug to the company, as well. On the other hand, the freelancers can neither access the Enterprise edition source code nor officially send bug reports to Odoo. The category given in terms of Ready, Gold, and Silver Partner has got nothing to do with payment, as well. The companies need to prove their abilities in varied manners, such as the number of odoo erp implementations they have handled. Odoo follows a strong standard and policy to maintain its brand value and enhance customer satisfaction.

Summing up

So, keeping all things in mind, it is clear that relying on official Odoo Partners gives you quite an edge over the freelancers. Though the freelancers do not lack in capability or quality of work, they do not have the official support of Odoo, nor are they able to prove their reliability through a stamp of approval from the company.