The E-Commerce Industry has become the most profitable business in this era. Right from the order, dispatch, delivery, tracking, etc everything can be instantly viewed in a single application. Most of the countries have adopted this industry to reap profits. One such country is Dubai which is surrounded by a huge set of malls with a positive impact on the E-Commerce industry to uprise the potential.  So, how will this business be in the future? What to expect in the upcoming years? We have discussed them in detail in this article.

Current Scenario of Delivery Businesses in Dubai:

Logistics companies are having a good source of income with the pickup and delivery services. In the present generation, there are different types of delivery options available to support the customers. Some people (around 23%) even prefer delivery on the same day of order. This may encounter additional costs which they are ready to offer. This option could be a drawback in rural areas.

On the other hand, 70% of customers go with the cheapest way of product delivery says the report from Mckinsey. If you consider groceries, medicines, customers expect delivery on the day of order. While checking with the Food Delivery business, instant delivery is the only solution. 

Future of Delivery Businesses in Dubai:

Digital Transformation has disrupted almost all the industries. Logistics also has new transformations to be done by adopting Digital Technologies which is also considered as one of the best Business Ideas. Here are the changes which we can expect for the future in this industry:

Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery will rule the world of Logistics in the future. However, the truth is this strategy is already here right from 2017. Statistics reveal this truth. The drone delivery value has increased from $40 million in 2012 to $1billion in 2017. While speaking about the future, we can expect $22.5 billion by 2022. This can cut down the costs to a greater extent and also help customers with faster delivery. Customers who expect delivery on the day of order can find this as an effective solution. Additionally, it is going to be an environmental-friendly solution. When this is combined with IoT, it can easily figure out the location of the receiver exactly and deliver the products perfectly. 

Route Optimization

Inaccurate or inefficient routes would totally collapse the delivery business. It is much important to have an optimized route to deliver the product. Some applications may integrate Google Maps to track the location and find the desired route. Since Dubai has a diverse population, an E-Commerce industry with delivery, companies can adopt a Delivery Management Software which supports Route Optimization. It has dozens of benefits such as Instant Delivery, Error-free support, etc.

 Auto Task Assignments

On adopting Digital Technologies, there are possibilities for assigning the task automatically. For instance, depending on the availability of the delivery agent, the Admin end of the application can assign the task. Similarly, from the customer end, automated messages or SMS would be sent for every movement in the product. Be it a dispatch or delivery, each location, and the other details of the product is sent as a message to the customer. 

Internet of Things

In today’s world, most of the devices are connected to Wi-Fi or sensors to handle everyday activities such as turning on the light, fan, etc. It means that these connected things can interact with each and other and process the desired works. These sensors come with tracking capability through Radio Frequency Identification and Technology (RFID) which make the delivery business more efficient. For instance, if the delivery product is integrated with RFID sensors, it can provide more transparency and keep track of the live location, etc.

Driverless Vehicles

Driverless Vehicles are the next thing to be considered. There are already a lot of predictions about driverless cars and other vehicles which can make the process fully efficient. This could enhance the business by cutting off labor costs and automating the industry. But currently, the businesses require a driver to monitor these vehicles for now as they are in the developing phase. Added, when the driverless vehicle reaches the destination, there is a need for someone to unload the items in it. 

Augmented reality 

Augmented Reality can improve productivity, cost-effectiveness, and optimize your Logistics business altogether. With AR devices in businesses, it can optimize warehousing operations such as freight picking, packing, and loading them hassle-free. Added, by adopting AR, businesses can check whether the products are fully loaded quickly. There are also wearable AR devices which can easily determine the volume of the freight items with special sensors in it.  It can also detect damages if any and sort them out.      

The Need for Delivery Management Software:

An Delivery Management Software is one that integrates all the above features. It comes with advanced technologies being implemented which can easily manage the business effectively and is also affordable at a reasonable price. 

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  • Customers can order the products of their choice and the can also lively determine the status of the product easily. 
  • The Admin of the platform can automatically assign delivery agents based on their availability. Similarly, the agents can accept or decline the tasks based on their availability. 


Being one of the top Digital Transformation Companies, we believe the importance of automation in the future not only with Logistics but with every single industry which is revolving around the globe. In addition to the above strategies, we can expect additional technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Solutions, to enhance their business. If you are one such business looking to empower and reap profits, we’re here to make them true! Connect with our experts who can help you with the work done by just quickly filling the form below!