In the past few years, the video streaming industry has gone through remarkable growth, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. The demand for new, quality content and the competition to attract viewers are higher than ever before. To allure your audience, a white-label video platform can be the perfect solution.  With a white-label platform, you can totally get rid of third-party advertisements that come along with free video hosting platform providers available out there, which in turn enhances the professional appearance of your content.  

Let us guide you through the numerous benefits and reasons to consider white-label streaming services for your brand, and we will also dive deep into the Top 20 White Label OTT Platforms, assisting you to choose the best White Label OTT platform for your video streaming needs.

What is White Label OTT Streaming?

White-label OTT streaming refers to using another company's software to stream your content with a customized interface according to your preferences. This allows you to develop your own video streaming platform by purchasing the OTT platform from a provider without worrying much about the technical aspects involved in streaming your video content, thereby allowing you to focus solely on creating high-quality video content for your audience. These platforms also provide monetization options that allow you to make money from your content.

Top Lists of White Label OTT Platforms

  • VDOX

  • Dacast

  • Muvi

  • Wowza

  • Vidyard

  • Kaltura

  • Vimeo OTT

  • Vplayed

  • BridTV

  • JW Player

  • Brightcove

  • Flowplayer

  • IBM Video Streaming

  • Uscreen

  • Vidizmo

  • Vodlix

  • Setplex

  • VideoCrypt

  • Ventunotech

  • FanHero

#1. VDOX


VDOX provides an all-inclusive white-label video streaming solution, empowering businesses to build their branded platforms with ease. Its features include secure video delivery, cross-device compatibility, and advanced analytics, ensuring high-quality video experiences for viewers. Features

  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • CMS portal
  • High-Definition
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Customization
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Live Streaming
  • Best Customer Support

#2. Dacast


Dacast offers both live streaming and video-on-demand solutions. Its features include monetization, subscription management, and in-depth video analytics, thus making it a popular choice among businesses and broadcasters. Features

  • Mobile Streaming
  • Secure Video Upload
  • Monetization
  • Video Transcoding
  • High-Definition
  • Subscription Management

#3. Muvi


Muvi offers a white-label OTT platform with customizable themes and templates with multilingual options as well. Supporting live streaming, video-on-demand, and even audio streaming, Muvi caters to diverse content types and business models. Features

  • Metadata Management
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Geo-Blocking
  • OTT Mobile and TV apps
  • Help Center
  • Multilingual

#4. Wowza


Wowza provides reliable live video streaming with low latency and high quality. Its cloud-based platform ensures seamless streaming experiences across devices, ideal for global audiences. Features

  • API Access
  • Video Analytics
  • Global Streaming
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Video CMS

#5. Vidyard


Vidyard offers video hosting and sharing solutions for businesses. With its white-label video player and comprehensive analytics, Vidyard empowers effective video marketing and internal communication. Features

  • Real-Time Viewer insights
  • CRM Integrations
  • Automatic Transcriptions
  • Customizable Design
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Security and Compliance

#6. Kaltura


Kaltura is a comprehensive video platform catering to various industries, including education, media, and e-commerce. It supports live and on-demand video streaming, interactive video experiences, and video monetization. Features

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • User and Device Management
  • Multi-revenue Models
  • Personalization
  • Media Management
  • High Performance

#7. Vimeo OTT

Vimeo OTT

Vimeo OTT allows content creators to easily launch their own video streaming services. With a user-friendly interface and video-on-demand capabilities, it is a popular choice for independent filmmakers and businesses. Features

  • Integrated CMS
  • Live Streaming
  • Seamless Payment Processing
  • Customer Support
  • Subscription
  • Real-time Analytics

#8. Vplayed


Vplayed offers customizable video streaming solutions with features like multi-bitrate streaming, adaptive streaming, and secure video delivery. It serves industries such as media, education, and e-commerce. Features

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Third-Party Service Integration
  • Customization
  • Post Launch Support
  • Bulk Upload
  • Content Partner Portal

#9. BridTV


BridTV provides white-label video player solutions, enabling businesses to seamlessly deliver videos on their websites. Its player is customizable and compatible across devices. Features

  • Product Updates
  • Customer Care
  • Account Management
  • Video Embedding
  • Monetization
  • Track Performance

#10. JW Player

JW Player

JW Player is a widely-used video player known for its powerful features, including real-time analytics, live streaming, and video monetization capabilities, making it a good choice for your video streaming needs. Features

  • Live Streaming
  • OTT Video Apps
  • Subscriptions
  • Monetization
  • Content Protection
  • Video CMS

#11. Brightcove


Brightcove is a comprehensive video platform offering live streaming, video hosting, and video monetization tools. It caters to businesses of all sizes and ensures reliable content delivery. Features

  • Social Integration
  • Live Capabilities
  • Geo-targeting
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Advanced Footer Menu
  • Updates after Launch

#12. Flowplayer


Flowplayer (part of Wowza) is a simple yet effective video player with customization options and support for live streaming and video-on-demand content. Features

  • HTML5 Player
  • Multi-Platform
  • Monetization
  • Analytics
  • Live Streaming
  • Insights

#13. IBM Video Streaming

IBM Video Streaming

IBM Video Streaming provides scalable and secure video hosting and delivery solutions for businesses. Its cloud-based platform ensures high-quality video experiences for viewers. Features

  • Video Distribution
  • Customizable Channel Page
  • Multiple CDNs
  • Live Chat
  • HD Live Broadcasting
  • Mobile-Compatible Player

#14. Uscreen


Uscreen is a user-friendly white-label OTT platform that enables video creators to launch customized video streaming services. With VOD, live streaming, and monetization tools, it simplifies content distribution and engagement. Features

  • Mobile & TV Apps
  • Live Streaming
  • Video CMS
  • Video Monetization
  • Marketing & Analytics
  • Community Featurette

#15. Vidizmo


Vidizmo offers a comprehensive video content management platform with live streaming and on-demand features. It empowers businesses to efficiently deliver and manage their video content across various channels. Features

  • Transcoding
  • Branding
  • Sharing and Access Management
  • Integrations
  • Interactivity
  • Multi Tenancy

#16. Vodlix


Vodlix is a user-friendly white-label OTT platform that supports video-on-demand and live streaming. Ideal for businesses, it enables easy content delivery and engagement across different devices. Features

  • OTT Monetization Models
  • Metadata Management
  • Sales Dashboard
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Automated App Development
  • Billing Management

#17. Setplex


Setplex offers customizable OTT solutions with features like video on demand, live streaming, and multi-device support, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to expand their streaming services. Features

  • On-Cloud OTT
  • Security/DRM
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Multiple Screen Apps
  • Transcoding Featurette

#18. VideoCrypt


Videocrypt specializes in secure video hosting and delivery solutions, ensuring content protection and copyright management for businesses dealing with sensitive video content. Features

  • Multi DRM Solution
  • AWS Private Pricing
  • Device Compatibility
  • Video Encryption
  • Offline Video Availability
  • Live Support

#19. Ventunotech


Ventunotech provides a customizable white-label video platform with live streaming and video-on-demand capabilities, allowing businesses to create their own video streaming services. Features

  • Multiple Device Accessibility
  • DIY Platform
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Live Streaming
  • OTT Monetization
  • Video CMS

#20. FanHero


FanHero is a video platform designed for content creators, offering tools for fan engagement, monetization, and content distribution, making it a great option for influencers and content creators. Features

  • Fan Engagement
  • Subscriptions
  • Pay-per-view
  • Encrypted Cloud Data
  • Live Chat
  • HD Quality

How to Choose?

When selecting a White Label OTT platform for your video streaming goals, consider key features such as prioritizing customization for branding consistency, and ensuring seamless content delivery across devices. Versatile monetization options and robust video analytics helps revenue generation and informed decision-making. For live streaming, seeking low-latency capabilities and content security through encryption and DRM is vital.

Opt for platforms with multi-device compatibility and scalability to accommodate growth. Reliable customer support and user-friendly interfaces enhance the streaming experience. API access aids integration with other systems. Mobile and TV app support broadens accessibility. Ensure flexibility to handle various content types. Look for platforms that offer comprehensive analytics, third-party integration, and streamlined operations.

Way2Smile Solutions, a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, can help you in creating the perfect White Label OTT platform tailored to your needs. By assessing the above-mentioned factors, Way2Smile Solutions can create your own OTT platform that aligns with your brand and objectives.

Wrapping Up

In the fast-evolving world of video streaming, having a reliable white-label OTT platform is crucial for all businesses and content creators.

The top 20 platforms listed in this blog offer a wide range of solutions to suit various needs, from live streaming to video on demand. By choosing the right platform that aligns with their specific requirements, businesses can deliver seamless and engaging video experiences to their audiences, ultimately driving success.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are white-label OTT platforms?

A white-label OTT platform serves as an online video platform equipped with advanced players and customizable tools to suit business needs. It's an easy way to get your videos out there without having to start from scratch with software development. It offers a personalized solution for companies aiming to make their mark in the streaming industry.

2. Why is a white-label OTT platform important for video streaming?
White-label OTT platforms remove third-party branding and advertisements, enhancing the professional appearance of your content. They provide tools for monetization, customization, and a seamless viewing experience for your audience.
3. Can I customize the appearance and features of a White Label OTT platform?
Yes, one of the main advantages of White Label OTT platforms is the ability to customize the appearance, user interface, and features according to your brand’s identity and preferences.
4. What types of businesses can benefit from White Label OTT solutions?
Various types of businesses can benefit from White Label OTT platforms, including media companies, content creators, educational institutions, e-commerce platforms, and many more. Any business looking to offer video content to its audience while maintaining a branded and professional appearance can find value in using a White Label OTT solution.
5. Can I monetize my content using white-label OTT platforms?
Yes, many white-label OTT platforms offer monetization options. You can monetize your content using subscription models, pay-per-view, and advertisements.