The Middle East is planning to develop a strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with World Economic Forum giving the fellowship right to the UAE region for launching Emirates Centre. The progress in the UAE economy also reinstates its sheer prowess of becoming the world leader by addressing to key challenges present in digital transformation and technology advancements. The UAE Strategy for Industry 4.0 gained strengths to strengths once joining the WEF Centres and now at present is capable of handling governments, businesses, start-ups and enterprises through maintain integrity using technology governance.

In the contemporary times, a huge effort is getting spent on shaping the trajectory pathway for the fourth industrial revolution to take its place in the Middle East Countries. The essence of this technology advancements should prevail in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Medicine etc., which might drastically change the way how people live and effect in the transformation of businesses. This network of technological frameworks in every respect can be effectively strategized and regulated using the UAE governance policies. It will result in creating abundant no of opportunities for the digital transformation company in UAE to embrace with and promote Fourth Industrial Revolution Worldwide.

Industry 4.0 an Global Platform

The Emirates Centre has accredited to a platform of International Stature by reflecting their works of Dubai Future Foundation to different parts of the world. Over the time progresses soon Middle East would become the global hub centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Before in 2017, the UAE Strategy for Industry 4.0 constituted of segmented technology areas including AI for Education, Robotics in Healthcare and Blockchain in Financial Services. These initiatives has led to the drive in the Middle East economy with future technologies contributing at harmony.

Challenges facing the UAE

The probable challenges that other countries faced while strategize fourth industrial revolution is not so much deterring for the emirates region with skills ineptness and lack of entrepreneurships. The Dubai Future Foundation is trying to sort out this problem by making in every possible initiative like education in school, technology incubator and angel funding etc., Another challenge that Middle East encounters is the financial pressure of a small market that require the global exports of outsourcing businesses. Adding further, the Made in the UAE Brand has exceedingly created the popularity to compensate to the vast potentials of Digital Transformation Company in UAE.

Public Sector Driven

The UAE government promotes its public sector driven projects uniquely and conversely, to that of other countries typically launching a several no of technology pilot schemes. These projects are the visions of many business leaders that were set forth for the functioning of federation. These goals of digitalization during this fourth industrial revolution should authorize a lot of Digital Transformation Company in UAE to set the tone for the public sector undertaking.

In the nearest proximity Dubai and UAE will become a Smart City and a Smarter Country that having access to smart governance. This will help entrepreneurs to collaborate with multifaceted public sectors and different government agencies and thereafter include those specific technologies which are best capable of contributing to the UAE’s business economy. At present, every digital transformation experimentation is duly conducted using the Blockchain, IoT, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Technology. 

Intervene businesses that Follow Suit

Most among the federation organizations that are partially or fully owned by the UAE government eventually play a big role in the development of a nation’s economy. This finite change in the UAE Strategy for Industry 4.0 is highly influencing the many private sector organizations to adopt to latest technological changes, best approved by government. In this way, banking and retail has agreed and inclined to undertake this digital transformations for to develop consolidated systems build in with latest of technologies like advance analytics and Artificial Intelligence. It should help businesses in UAE to achieve the operational efficiency and then drive customer engagements benevolently.

In this regard, fourth industrial revolution should increase the interest levels of small scale companies and its employees to obliterate the presence of legacy systems and further, enhance the digital economy in UAE. Most of the things become really convenient for business with the existence of Dubai Future Foundation especially, proposing a futuristic business model according to the category of business and then ease out the IT Operations strategically for Industry 4.0. The AI Technology and Digital Transformation is more or less likely to exhibit numerous challenges for any Company and this impede factor is even higher amongst people having access to them. This disruptive technology is sure to impact the streamline of your business processes thus halting its functioning and decreases in department efficiencies. The Middle East region has to reinforce the need for acquiring technical skills among its working population and then succeed to deploy the new technology for managing business.

Thinking Big

Beyond all these challenges of Fourth Industrial Revolution, UAE is developing a formidable strategy to build up its economy through the support of reformed government policies. The Emirates Centre will continue to play a significant role in the making of UAE region an international stature and a global leader for authorizing Technology Governance Worldwide. The UAE Strategy for Industry 4.0 will progress steadily together with government started projects and private sector projects maximum ensure to the digital transformation of business.