02 Nov 2022 - 04 Nov 2022
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It’s a pleasure to do business with you, Saudi Arabia!

Dear Saudi Arabia,

As the world becomes more and more fragmented, people have to come together, shed their differences, and work toward a common vision - a sustainable future. What’s better than technology to make this dream a reality?

Way2Smile Solutions has done great things with technology, and we have helped people, businesses, and governments solve challenges and contribute to the empowerment of the whole of humanity. But we figured that if we change the world one business at a time, the change happens faster!

Being in the Middle East market for 20 years, we see Saudi as a nation that’s driven by the spirit of Excellence and Innovation. The people and their culture- that’s the real force behind the country’s emergence as one of the global power.

And when we work together, we promise you that we will NOT deliver the usual! What we can offer is to take your purpose - your business to the next stage. We are driven by our unshakable will to make this world a better place, and to follow up on this huge promise, we have to be everything but ordinary.

- Way2Smile Solutions

startups Entrepreneurs / Startups

  1. Business Acceleration
  2. Think beyond ROI with our business accelerators. We can help you capitalize on opportunities and build a culture with innovation at its core.

  3. Advantage You
  4. We bring global tech expertise to you in Saudi Arabia, as we have an established development center in the UAE and India, helping you cut costs and boost business relationships.

  5. Sustainable Scalability
  6. With unrivaled capabilities, we help you scale at speed while helping you navigate through market uncertainties and risks.

it IT Businesses

  1. Strategic Growth
  2. From idea to implementation to scale- we catalyze your business operations to help you transform into a global technology leader and solutions provider.

  3. Diversified Portfolio
  4. We accelerate breakthroughs with technology- A feat that only a few can pull off! With a strong technical foundation, we make digital disruption in your industry work for your business.

  5. Sustainable Development Goals
  6. We reckon technology as a force that makes the sustainable future a reality. As your technology partner, we enhance the resiliency of your business in a highly volatile market by embedding the principles sustainability at the core of your business model.

nonit Non-IT Businesses

  1. Tech Expertise
  2. From idea to implementation to scale- we catalyze your business operations to help you transform into a global technology leader and solutions provider.

  3. Strategic Consulting
  4. With creative and disruptive solutions, we empower businesses with winning strategies that help them grow and impact at a scale never before.

  5. Sustainability Focused Business
  6. By integrating the principles of sustainability with every aspect of your business operations, we build resiliency and help you deliver value at scale. As a sustainable brand, you will create better odds for yourself and your stakeholders.

Why Collaborate?

tech expertise

Tech Expertise

cost effective

Cost Effective

near shore

Near Shore @ Dubai & Offshore @ India

global exposure

Global Exposure

Meet our CEO

Madhu Kesavan is the founder & CEO of Way2Smile Solutions, a globally recognized digital transformation company empowering enterprises and governments in their digital journey. With 20+ years in the IT market, he makes his vision for a sustainable future come true by leveraging technology.



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