Client background
Our Kenya-based Client is an innovative, progressive-thinking company that specializes in transforming the Hospitality Management Industry by offering feature-rich solutions that meet the business needs and customer expectations in the industry. They extend their services in African regions and comply with global industry standards.

Being in the industry for more than 20 years, they come up with various industries right from small-scale, medium-scale, and enterprise-level businesses in the following industries:
  • Restaurants.
  • Hotel And Resorts.
  • Leisure and Entertainment.
  • Spa and Healthcare.
Partnership Facts

Dedicated Development Team






POS Integration, Payment Gateway, SMS Integration


Python, MySQL, Angular, Ionic, Java Kotlin, Objective C

Team Size

15+ Engineers

Business Challenges

Our client faced the following set of complexities that required a futuristic solution. Here is the list of them:


A global Pandemic situation where the customers are finding it a daunting task to reach the business in person. This required a digital solution.


A digital solution that offers endless services either over the application or web platform for online consultation.


Their business solution failed to live track of the status of the product or consultation by the business or the customer. This can be resolved and made possible with digital solutions.


This lack of features can cause a business to shut down which can affect the client and also the possibility of gaining new businesses. This can, in turn, result in losing profits.

Multiple businesses required online solutions using digital technologies to sort out their challenges with customers. Our expertise set of the team was responsible for tacking the complexities with digital solutions in order to survive across the environmental situations.

Client Requirement

Our Kenyan client had faced multiple challenges in their businesses and requested us with the following set of requirements:

Strategy - Way2Smile Process

At Way2Smile Solutions, we follow a unique set of strategies in making every business stand ahead of the competition. Here is a brief of the four major steps which we take into consideration for our clients:


Right off the bat, we discussed the Client to get to know about their existing business process, their revenue models, challenges they faced, and the pain points which should be resolved.


We implement a Multi-Tenant approach where our software supports multiple customers and can be managed in a single place.


To enhance the sales and revenue of the businesses, we came up with a couple of ideas which include a Data Analytics solution and future-proof marketing strategies.


Data Analytics solutions to analyze the sales data and predict the future of the business. Implement various marketing approaches with automated tools such as Offers, Coupons, and Loyalty Programs.

Initial Team Building

Initially, in order to work on the solution, we formed a set of teams who were well-knowledged on working it out. In total, there were 15+ engineers involved in the process who were responsible for their own tasks and delivered them promptly.




Data Engineer


Cloud Architect


Quality Analyst


Mobile App Developers


Backend Developer


Project Manager


Front End Developer


Customer Success Manager

Tools and Technologies

The team at Way2Smile understands the importance of assigning, managing the tasks and hassle-free communication.

Communication Tools:

  • Slack for internal communication.
  • Google meetings/Zoom for client communication.


  • Backend - Python Django Framework
  • Frontend UI - Angular
  • Mobile App - Ionic and Angular for Customer App. Java Kotlin and Objective C for Delivery
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud - AWS

Project Management Tools

  • JIRA- Task tracking and sprint plans.
  • Github- version control.
  • Confluence- Documents management.
Solutions Offered
Way2Smile Solutions has delivered solutions by considering the needs stated by our client. The pandemic crisis has caused a downfall for the restaurants which resulted in a lack of customers due to the elimination of in-house dining. In order to keep up the business, we identified food delivery to the customers as a better option.

The team of 15+ engineers analyzed an idea and implemented digital technologies by figuring out the possibility and helping the business to survive and run successfully. With industry-specific software for the business, they can make higher returns and recover the lost revenues as well.
  • A complete ordering system which includes Multitenant, Payment Gateway, Multiple branches, Delivery management, POS Integration.
  • Handy Web and Mobile App for Customers to place Orders and Live Tracking
  • Simple yet super-responding Web App for Businesses with different User Roles.
  • An option of Android and iPhone App for Delivery Agents.
  • Information-rich dashboard with Data Analytics.
  • Full-fledged marketing Tool to run campaigns, offers, loyalty programs for retaining and bringing new customers on board.

On the whole, Way2Smile Solutions offered a couple of successful strategies that our client expected:

Business Impact

With the project implementation, our client can lively view 10X enhanced sales with boosted revenues in a short span of time compared to the previous months. Our client didn’t stop with gaining new profits but also saved a greater amount by working with us.

1. Increased Orders via Online mode of Delivery

By implementing digital solutions, our client got their business productive with the increased number of orders through an online mode of delivery. Be it a food or pharmaceutical business, our client succeeded in retaining their customers through online purchases.

2. New orders from new customers through new-gen marketing

In addition to existing customers, client gained a new set of customers for their business at the user’s convenience. A customized app where we integrated features such as Coupons, Discounts which enhanced the user experience.

3. A simple way of Payment online within a fraction of seconds

Payment can now happen in a fraction of seconds. The application can support various modes of payment through Online mode in order to reach a wider audience. It even supports Paypal and cryptocurrencies where customers can choose their desired mode of payment.

4. Custom Integrations

Integrating a new application for an industry-specific business is made possible with our solutions. The team at Way2Smile has ensured that the software is connected and optimized to manage everything in a single place without any hurdles.

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