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Leading Hybrid App Development Company in Dubai, UAE

We help various startups and businesses with cross-platform app development to extract maximum efficiency from the process. Our design is fluid, responsive, and can adapt to different platforms to stay functional.

Hybrid app development requires fore-planning, versatility, and a vision that clearly conveys the core values of your MVP. At way2smile, we offer cross-platform app development solutions that are viable and can have space for innovation.





Why choose cross-platform app development?

Addressing the elephant in the room, cross-platform app development or hybrid app development makes the developing process easier hence more focus at the crux of the issue. If you have an explosive idea, you can use this multi-platform development to map out a minimum viable product that conveys your vision- light on the pocket but packs a heavy punch!

Build native-like apps

There is a myth that native apps perform better but in reality, the performance is subjective and depends upon various factors. You can integrate almost every feature in cross-platform applications like you do in the native apps, but one of the major advantages lies in the working process.

High performing Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps receive the same treatment as native apps after deployment. you can update your hybrid apps if you want to, you can add new features, update the security patches, eradicate bugs, etc. The compatibility factor of the application is the ultimate selling point of hybrid apps.

Powerful mobile backend frameworks

The collection of data from the customer end is highly valuable and can help you enhance your vision, particularly if you are choosing to build an MVP. When you combine a powerful cross-platform application with a functional backend process, data utilization increases by many folds.

The cost-efficient app codebase

One of the major benefits that come with multi-platform development is that you save a ton of money! Different platforms require different technologies, hence different skills. Hiring these skills would cost you a fortune. In cross-platform app development, a general approach is taken and helps you to cross the platform borders with ease.

Ready to market Hybrid Apps

Marketing hybrid applications are relatively easier than marketing native applications. if you have a minimum viable product, you should be careful to spend less but at the same time reach a wider audience. Targeting multiple platforms at the same time enables you to reach a wider audience at minimum cost.

Post-deployment Support

One can enhance the application experience even after the deployment of the cross-platform application. all types of plugins, updates, security patches, etc. can be incorporated into the cross-platform application. Extensive support for the application can be provided if needed. The objective is to optimize functionality & user experience.

Why Way2smile Solutions?

One reason- we are passionate about our work. our love for technology is what motivates us. We provide a wide range of solutions in Dubai including mobile app development, web app development, cross-platform app development, etc. but our vision remains the same- to accelerate positive change through digital transformation and technology!

Our team consists of diverse talents and skillsets, and their vision for the future aligns perfectly with the organization's vision. We strongly believe that business needs to happen on a strong foundation of ethics and morality, and we are proud of our values and ideologies.

We are strong advocates for the environment and we believe that achieving Sustainable Development Goals as an organization can accelerate the process of creating a globally sustainable future.

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Digital Transformation with Way2Smile Solutions

How we pick a cross platform technology for your mobile app ?

We have built Hybrid Apps for multiple industries using the Android and iOS technologies and reaped huge success. It has provided us the insights and ideas about choosing the appropriate mean tech stack for your mobile apps developments. Way2Smile Solutions have worked on some of the Cross Platform IDE for developing mobile apps and they are listed below::

User Experience design

We build data driven mobile apps integrated with a clean design and swift responses for stimulating high ROI. Our developers build hybrids apps that having an intuitive user interface coexists with easier navigation and functions. We specialise in mobile app user experience and build powerful layouts with maximum functionalities that often enables mobile users to add details every time.

Our expertise on Cross Platform Framework, Mobile App Development is shown below :

Xamarin Framework

Xamarin Framework is developed by Microsoft that is preferred for cross platform mobile apps developments. It uses C# and built-in vast libraries during mobile apps developments and complies to their compatibility towards iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Xamarin Framework allow the code sharing facility on to different mobile technologies. It has several of the default portable class libraries like JSON, ReactiveUI and SQLite for achieving instantaneous responses.

A glimpse of our main course!

We know how to select the best from the latest cross platform frameworks and develop unique applications that brings reality to your ideas. Our hybrid apps developers have well acquainted with a range of tools and platforms for building hybrid apps. We collaborate often with clients and understand their requirements in a UI design and app flow for developing cross platform mobile apps. Given below are some of our case studies performed on cross platform mobile apps:

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