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About Way2Smile Solutions

We have a professional team of mobile app developers who are constantly engaged in design and develop newer technology products that meets the ever growing demands of fast evanishing IT World. Our mobile apps products are made to be modular in nature and possess mobile portability that might result in generate a quick business conversion. Way2Smile already have worked across various industries and eventually have learnt the nuances of developing business strategies effectively. Our mobile app development team adores what they work at and are highly dedicated and committed towards building mobile applications.


Why Way2Smile Solutions?

Built 250+ Mobile Apps and offers free cost analysis

Get free cost expenditure analysis towards building your mobile apps and learn more about including enhanced features from our expert app developers.

High App downloads and Customer retention

Our In-house design team strives big at achieving the high app downloads simply by creating a stunning UI design that appeals to most of the customers.

Superior Quality

We have a stringent QA & testing process established in place to build a superior quality mobile apps totally free of bugs.

Easy to Use Apps

Our App Developers promise to build a robust mobile app that is equivalently convenient for every user to operate for their business needs.

Fully Customized Mobile Apps

We deliver mobile apps based on your business needs and thus empower you to greatly personalize your business.

State of the Art Mobile App Development

We recommend the best industry practises and then delegate the app development task to one of our industry experts to render it perfectly.

Reliable Customer Support

We offer a reliable customer support service to all our customers and clients keeping them always engaged well ahead of data security issues.

Our Services

We meet clients at first for an open collaboration, and then induce them into forward think the user experience owing them with spell bound designs. We work persistently in developing the Hybrid Apps, Android and iOS Applications.

Android development

We work in developing a user friendly, highly responsive, customer oriented and feature-rich Android Mobile Apps. Our Way2Smile products are made to be creative and fully functional for business and customers as per their requirements and business models.

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iOS Development

We have a professional team of iOS App Developers capable of designing iPhone and iPad Apps for start-ups and enterprises. Our iOS native apps are innate to offer the best of User Experience and then improve the ROI for businesses.

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Hybrid Development

We have the expertize knowledge in Hybrid App Developments and have accomplished producing business apps that are cross functional across iOS, Android, Windows and blackberry platforms.

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Industries We Work For

We have the ability to create a new level of user experience for our customers and then increase the user retention significantly. Way2Smiles have worked with a number of Start-ups and large scale Enterprises to stack their portfolios with Delivery Management, Disaster Management, Healthcare Solutions, Finance, Fleet Management, E-commerce, Travel, Media & Entertainment and Education & E-Learning Companies.

Delivery Management
Oceanography Solutions
Healthcare Solutions
Finance Solutions
Fleet Management

Mobile App Development Ideation

At Way2Smile we ensure that our clients gets the best of digital solutions enhanced through imparting creativity and Artificial Intelligence. We are a renowned company for mobile apps developments in Dubai, UAE. Usually, we initiate the plan of app developments with respect to ideation stages that includes Mobile App Features, UI/UX Design, Quality Assurance, App Analytics and Support and Maintenance. We have ingrained the hands on experience and technology awareness in the field of mobile apps developments and also over the years have acquired maximum partnerships with a variety of clients and industries.

Mobile App Consulting

VR Apps

App Analytics

Ui/Ux Design

Chatbot Apps

Support & Maintenence

Internet of Things

Quality Assurance

Wearable Apps

Blockchain Apps

Enterprise Apps

Framework Development



"VOICcEeSTORE app was designed using Ionic Framework and Angular programming accomplished by W2S Solutions app developers."

It is a perfect voice solution for Music and Entertainment lovers, and works thoroughly by recording voice memos at variable length and quality configurations. VOICcEeSTORE mobile apps could differentiate every pin drop sound and then enable audio samples to be bought prudently from internet. You shall get the appropriate voice talents right from the VOICcEeSTORE app that categorises music into classic, melody and symphony listing.

W2S Solutions built the VOICcEeSTORE app in Android and iOS platforms for composed audios to be uploaded from any device. Its native app features includes music & video player, camera, microphone, users and Wi-Fi downloads. Now the VOICcEeSTORE can retain up to 400 voice samples and allows users to check dozens of audio files to buy best sound effects. Our developers preferred Ionic platform for VOICcEeSTORE to curate voice sample, voice data bank in different regional languages and deliver a multi-track digital recording experience for the user.

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"This is a GPS / GIS based trailing app that was developed using Cordova IDE, JavaScript and Leaflet Js by W2S Solutions."

This app is for the safety & security of Camping and Motorist recreations steered within the regions of UnitedStates. This should encourage outdoor enthusiast to camp and reach more number of destinations by downloading many OHV route data to make it into a mobile app. JavaScript coding is utilized to map the Leaflets elements and then enable Camping app user to select the camp-site on the trails.

Camping app approves Trails that a motor recreationist had already undergone and it includes approximately 37,000 OHV Trails. Our app developers used Cordova to consolidate these approved trails and convert them into contiguous route data for regular camping benefits. W2S Solutions built this Camping app to be map based and compatible-free to install on Android and iOS Phones. Now the camping recreations can select the route map and then know about the trails location elaborately in-details.

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"Check Net Mobile was designed using Xamarin Framework and XAML programming codes engineered by W2S Solutions, Chennai."

Check Net is an apparel labelling solutions that provides RFID access to retailer accounts across cross platforms. Each Retailer usually gets the order pending approval, renewed orders, and current orders through a push notification message. Using Check Net App they can know about the real-time stocks, accelerate refills, prevent out-of-stock, and resulting which improve merchandise availability.

Check Net mobile app acquires RFID variables like SKU, style code, size, department, colour, barcode and price. It will manage complex order flows and drive garment business exponentially. This is a cross platform mobile app that can be installed in Android and iOS phones and then initiate the order tracking services. Check Net provides the visibility during production, shipping and invoicing garments and keeps global suppliers well informed about their shipments.

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"Customer wanted to build an Tourist Trail App and W2S Solutions are their choice for Cross Platform mobile app development."

We designed a map based app for a State government in USA. Tourist guide apps are mainly used in camping and motorized recreation activities that covered OHV open area, wilderness area, state park, military base and other public and private lands. Our app developers used Ionic, Leaflet Js and Angular libraries to get Tourist guide app that offers a great feel of scenic and challenging terrains.

We have experience in handling leaflet JS and offer exact location of the user.Our app developers are able to create waypoint details to recreationist and help them comment on Trails path conditions and save favourite trails.

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"Hindu Temple of Virginia offers devotees the place of worship and pooja services that is wholly based on Hindu Mythology."

It is a Cross Platform mobile app that inculcates next generations to practice Hindu Dharma, Customs and Culture. HTVA mobile apps is built using Ionic 3 IDE environment on a record time present with phonebook, calendar, photo upload, GPS, USB and microphone functions.

HTVA is a free download app from Google Play Store that is intuitive for usability and can be transformed to Android and iOS mobiles. Ionic Framework is chosen by our app developers for its compatibility to build hybrid apps using vast libraries.

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"Platos is a service application that empowers caterers to find for placed orders by a user event, program and functions."

It is designed by W2S Solutions using Cordova Framework and Angular programing tools. Our app designers built Platos alike native apps, present with an intuitive UI design and high performing features. Platos, a caterer mobile app present with the latest menu list and levied charges by various hoteliers.

Platos can write and easily print your bill estimates and invoices for a particular client event in quick time. Now the user can order for a listed menu and secure it from the Platos certified insignia. Caterers can learn the user event by following the scheduled calendar and then furnish with the list. Platos mobile app works using AI & machine learning algorithms to keep update of its client's favourites and preferences. It has a 92% customer base who are very much satisfied and 500+ caterers partnering. Platos offers its user credit on every purchase and entertains caterers to plan ahead and save time and money. We have highly creative mobile app developers who work earnestly in delivering results at quick turnaround times. W2S Solutions understands every need of a business and then cater with innovative ideas that resembles native-like solutions. Our Hybrid Apps are highly successful in reaching target audience and promoting business market.

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Our App Development Process

Requirement Analysis

We work with the requirement analysis and then meet up to our clients to convey them all about the possible features and functions that can be levied into the business app. Our App Developers continue to review the requirements and then progress to design the mobile app matching to the market demands.

UI/UX Design

We always keep track with the latest of trends available in the mobile app market and then comply to the demands of UI/UX designs that our clients more often request for. We also make sure that the content created design is made to have the enchanting experiences for the mobile user and thereby induces more no of downloads.


The coding and development stage is an elementary step for all our way2smile mobile app developers. And we work relentlessly to strategize and build the robust architecture for your business apps. We make it highly scalable, secure and reliable for viewing across mobile devices.

Testing & Maintenenace

Mobile App Testing is a prominent QA process that we conduct for all our Mobile Apps by thoroughly validating it with a product specific test plan, test sequence and test cases. We perform the manual and automation testing for the mobile app product utilizing both simulation environment and physical devices.

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