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At Way2Smile, our primary goal is to achieve sustainable development through digital solutions by figuring out the actual needs of society and coming up with solutions accordingly.

We specialize in achieving all these goals with our rich expertise and frame new strategies and approaches to make it happen. With the active contribution of our offerings in making the environment sustainable completely.

Way2Smile operates on bringing personalized services depending on the sector by determining new approaches in the market. We are well aware of the un global goals for sustainable development and work on them seamlessly.

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How we help Governments and Enterprises attain their SDG Goals with our solutions

Monitoring climate changes effectively and efficiently to better protect the public from dangers such as rising sea levels, super storms and extreme weather, etc. Governments can also monitor local farms and produce to have knowledge of crop harvest, production figures, geographic distribution and crop damage. Also, all air, water, soil pollution levels can be closely monitored and controlled. There are endless possibilities…

We help enterprises to strengthen their digital operations leveraging the latest technologies to ensure better, faster communications and straight through process across all verticals. We help organizations use their existing systems more effectively, streamlining processes with advanced analytics and machine learning to save time, energy and valuable human resources.

Our Achievements

With a decade of experience in the IT industry, Way2Smile, one of the top UN SDG companies, maintains a successful, strong customer base and diverse, award-winning portfolio of solutions

Oceanography Solutions

This platform helps to get a wider vision of oceans with the help of floating buoys which transmits great amounts of data. Helps to visualize all ocean parameters and understand weather patterns in real time. It also makes predictions to plan ahead for the well-being of the population. Marine Debris Tracker: Application is used by coastal guards / fisheries / oceanographers and they capture information about plastic debris in the ocean with latitude and longitude along with tidal directions. This will be synchronized with a centralized server when the application is connected in WiFi.

BI Tool for Agriculture

Allow Government to monitor the strategic level of agricultural products availability by combination of Better planning of future volumes of local supply through market trends analysis, realtime data of current farms volumes Plan international supply based on supply gap, in addition to that that protects the local farmers from over-supply gaps as well price fallout crises.

Affordable and Clean Energy

We ensure affordable and clean energy in transport Industry with ManageTeamz platform. ManageTeamz helps shaping the logistics industry by reducing the Greenhouse gas impacts on the environment. The features such as Route Optimization, Real Time Tracking, Location Accuracy and Driver Management enable us to reduce the waste of energy in any form.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We have built trails applications that protect sensitive natural resources and threatened species such as desert tortoise and squirrels. This helps trail users to be on a safer side, know where they are located and how they can enjoy the natural environment by lowering the risks posed by abandoned mines, unsafe terrain, and other fire hazards. This Project seeks to protect the prospects of a sustainable future for and safe human settlement and recreation activities on our public lands.

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