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Product Development

We are responsible for delivering high-quality and user-friendly Products that come with reusable platforms provided at a reasonable cost. Our knowledgeable developers make sure the product comes with robust features in accordance with the business requirements.

Digital Transformation with Way2Smile Solutions


Here is a glimpse of what we can do. Let the work speak for itself!

AI-Enabled Travel e-guide application

We leverage Artificial Intelligence as a priority and gather their social interests to offer suggestions accordingly. Travels can get to know the locations nearby. Be it a must-visit one, a hotel/ restaurant of their budget, a nearby event which they may be interested in.

Additionally, local vendors who are selling their products can register on this app and can enhance the business. Similarly, people looking to organize an event can create news here. If there are any local chefs out there, register to gain traveler’s attention. Travelers looking to taste local home foods can reach out to them as well.


Event Management Portal & Apps

An event management portal should capture the entire essence of the services they provide. The interface is designed to be reactive and fluid. There is enough space for customers to explore the available options. Customers can use pre-booking options to book in advance. The design facilitates to sort of the available venues through various filters including price, location, availability, etc.


Live Tracking & Last-Mile Delivery System

We have developed this fully-featured application that can keep track of live location instantly. This is applicable to all industries which include E-Commerce, Food Delivery, etc. With a separate set of features for both Admin and User end, we have made the process quite simple.

Also comes with a reports section where data are stored. Notifications are regularly sent to the customers which include the details of dispatch, delivery date, contact details of the delivery person, the live location, etc.


Car Dealer & Supplier Management Apps

This app focuses on one thing and one thing only- customer satisfaction. The automobile space has a lot of practical hiccups which we addressed through design upgrades. We developed a system that helps customers to manage their payment history with the automobile giant.

Our software is also designed to develop a mutual bond between the company and customers. Customers can verify the credibility of the cars from our software.


Smart Lead Management System

TheChasm is a sales and lead management software that completely focuses on lead conversions. It helps you to manage your entire sales operation in a single place through a minimalistic interface.

One can easily track the sales records and also, the application assigns the upcoming tasks to the next business team. TheChasm is not confined to a single platform-there is a web version and also a mobile version.


Perfume Distribution Portal & Apps

The design layout for the perfume distribution portal is simple yet elegant. A one-stop destination to buy perfumes from a curated list of popular brands. The interface is designed in a way that lets customers explore various brands.

The website is integrated with their social media handles and vice versa. This helps to develop better customer engagement and increases the scope for lead to sales conversion.

The website is integrated with



Diverse Fields we have worked on...

Government and Enterprises

We collaborate with larger-than-life institutions like governments and enterprises to help figure out solutions that optimize their operations and increase their efficiency. We also provide valuable inputs on sustainable development and help them to align their operations towards it.

Oil & Gas

We understand the demography of this industry and the operations around it. The oil and gas industry has one of the most dynamic work processes and requires various departments to work together in sync. We have helped businesses to optimize their operations and supply chain management.

Tourism & hospitality

Hospitality is a vast market that complements the tourism industry. Although the tourism industry may look scattered at the surface, it helps the country by contributing to its economy and creating a positive outlook in the international arena. We have worked in this sector in the past and have gained many valuable insights to develop a strong strategy.

Manufacturing & Automotive

Our past experience includes digitalizing the operations in the manufacturing sectors. One thing we have understood from working in this field is that there is a great scope for automation and data engineering across departments. Integrating data analytics into the work process can yield greater outputs. There is also space for automation that can increase efficiency by great margins.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Global supply chain management and logistics operations are expected to reach $41.7 billion by 2025. This is a massive industry that can make or break your business. We have developed a cloud-based, cross-platform Delivery Management Application for logistics that enables businesses to organize their supply chain management in a single place. It is changing the conventional way and is revolutionizing the industry.


We have worked with various companies from the healthcare industry to help digitize their records and work their way towards automation. The Healthcare industry is more than a business. It is an essential service that can influence the country's standards. By understanding the impact of the healthcare industry on society, we have provided diverse solutions for the industry and everything around it.


Rapid digitalization has changed the way of banking and finance around the globe. in addition to this, the arrival of cryptocurrency has opened up different channels which help in controlling inflation and encourages people to invest in these channels. Simplifying the overall process while ensuring security for the information and transactions can come a long way.

Real Estate

To filter the authentic leads from the market is where the trick lies. Real estate is more of an investment; hence people take the opinions with a pinch of salt. To keep the market active, devising a system that provides valuable leads along with a fluid and responsive interface is all that you need to make the heads turn. We have hit the sweet spot between functionality and aesthetics in our real estate applications.

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We are an IT Consulting Company in Dubai, UAE that works towards a strong vision. Our IT solutions are for the long run and are personalized according to the business needs of the clients.


Our team members share this vision and help us grow as an organization that focuses on innovation. This reflects in our digital transformation strategy.

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Our software development company knows all the ins and outs of the industry; be it Dubai or global. We are focused on providing IT solutions that matter and is in sync with the bigger picture.

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