Way2Smile is now an active exhibitor at the most popular tech-savvy event for this year. In addition to exhibiting, they are also showcasing their webinar. For people who find it difficult to attend physical webinars, there come virtual webinars which remain beneficial for different businesses! Here are the major ways why Webinars is a must-attend thing at an event:

>>Remain Updated

With our live webinars, you’’ get the opportunity to remain updated with the latest trends. As our expert’s surf for the current news and trends surrounding the industry, one can know them instantly! 

>>Future Insights

In addition to the present ones, the attendees will also get a clear perception of future insights pertaining to the industry. Our speakers would make this feasible with the relevant statistics so that you would get to know how these technologies would disrupt various industries

>>Take your business on the right path

With both the current and future trends, tools, and technologies, you can decide the path which your business should travel on the right path. If in case you have already decided already on your business, you can start implementing the things from the GITEX Webinar.

>>Share your views

Parallelly, you can also share your views on the content addressed at the event. You can also shoot out your queries if any, and our team is here to answer all of them! 

>>Collect Feedback

We’ll also collect feedback on our addressed webinar and ensure everything remains fine and feasible for all the attendees. Topics to address: Our exceptional speakers are here to address the following topics: Webinar 1
Webinar Title: Buoy Data Analysis & Observation System Webinar Description: Learn more about "How to measure Ocean Data and read Oceanography Information wisely with Data Analytics dashboard ?" We have already offered a real-time solution for NIOT which has safeguarded and resulted in Sustainability for humans... Webinar Start Time: Dec 7, 11 AM UAE Webinar End Time: Dec 7, 12 PM UAE
Webinar 2
Webinar Title - Building Cloud-based Mobile Testing with Real Mobile Devices on AWS Device Farm Webinar Description: AWS Device Farm is an application testing service that lets you improve the quality of mobile apps by testing them across an extensive range of real mobile devices; without having to provision and manage any testing infrastructure... Webinar Start Time: Dec 7, 3 PM UAE Webinar End Time: Dec 7, 4 PM UAE Webinar Link: https://gitexplus.com/community/#/5/join-room/5fcb6462c54de946551cb0cf
Webinar 3
Webinar Title - Modern-day better performing API with AppSync (GraphQL) Webinar Description: Alternate to REST API. GraphQL will let the frontend to send the query to API. It redefines the typical REST API system with device-specific API requests and responses to save a lot of time numerous amounts of data load... Webinar Start Time: Dec 8, 11 AM UAE Webinar End Time: Dec 8, 12 PM UAE Webinar Link: https://gitexplus.com/community/#/5/join-room/5fcb64b99ac988468b2a11d5
Webinar 4
Webinar Title - How to achieve Mobile Contactless Payment?.(Using NFC tech.) Webinar Description: NFC is a method of wireless data transfer that allows smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices to share data when in close proximity. NFC technology powers contactless payments via mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, as well as contactless cards... Webinar Start Time: Dec 8, 3 PM UAE Webinar End Time: Dec 8, 4 PM UAE Webinar Link: https://gitexplus.com/community/#/5/join-room/5fcb651ce7f5887814acf6e3
Webinar 5
Webinar Title - Build Live Video Streaming Ingestion using Serverless Architecture Webinar Description: Easily build applications with real-time computer vision capabilities through integration with Amazon Rekognition Video, and with real-time video analytics capabilities using popular open-source machine learning frameworks... Webinar Start Time: Dec 9, 11 AM UAE Webinar End Time: Dec 9, 12 PM UAE Webinar Link: https://gitexplus.com/community/#/5/join-room/5fcb6582e7f5887814acf6e6
Webinar 6
Webinar Title - Power your business with AI Personal Assistant Webinar Description: AI assistant understands natural language voice commands and completes tasks. AI personal assistant can be integrated with any system that simplifies customer interaction and fetches results easily... Webinar Start Time: Dec 9, 3 PM UAE Webinar End Time: Dec 9, 4 PM UAE Webinar Link: https://gitexplus.com/community/#/5/join-room/5fcb65d3c8fd1c77dceedc97
Webinar 7
Webinar Title - The lean UX Design behind compelling User experience Webinar Description:  Lean UX combines the solution-based approach of design thinking with Iteration methods of compound agile... Webinar Start Time: Dec 10, 11 AM UAE Webinar End Time: Dec 10, 12 PM UAE Webinar Link: https://gitexplus.com/community/#/5/join-room/5fcb662cbb40ea460780b3fc
Webinar 8
Webinar Title - Data Analytics with Python Webinar Description: Live demo of how to assess and analyze unstructured data sets with Python... Webinar Start Time: Dec 10, 3 PM UAE Webinar End Time: Dec 10, 4 PM UAE Webinar Link: https://gitexplus.com/community/#/5/join-room/5fcb667ae691b177fdaf5c07

About our speakers:

Our well-knowledged speakers have made deep research along with the perfect combination of our delivered solutions. As they have worked on them in real-time experience in working with them, addressing the topics becomes easier as well as effective!

Here is the list of our speakers at GITEX:

  1. Praveenkumar Jayabalan
  2. Muthukumar Arumugam
  3. Ganesh Kumar K
  4. Manickam Venkatesh
  5. Vijayakumar Bose
  6. Prince Angelo Sathya M.A
  7. Sakthivel Krishnan
  8. Raman