Way2Smile Solutions was an active participator at GITEX tech week of 2020. On the five days of the event, we came across the major things which made mutually beneficial. Here are the major things we came across at GITEX!

Our new Connections

At GITEX, we got to connect with new people out there! We connected with various popular business heads, entrepreneurs, executives from diverse industries, investors searching for some best and innovative ideas! This was a great opportunity where we got to know each other by sharing the things mutually such as the mode of the business, the tactics & strategies they handle, the insights they expect, etc. In addition to the in-person connection, we are also connected socially!

Sharing our ideas

Way2Smile has offered 50+ innovative and digital transformation ideas to the people at GITEX! We met most of the businesses and government enterprises who came up with challenging problems that needed a pathway. Being in the industry for a decade, we analyzed every single piece of the business needs which was stated. We guided them with the right blend of technology and expertise with also a promise of implementing them successfully.

Showcasing our Webinar

We didn’t just stop with sharing our ideas. We also came up with different topics for Webinars for all five days on the following set of titles:

  1. How to measure Ocean Data and read Oceanography Information wisely with a Data Analytics dashboard?
  2. Building Cloud-based Mobile Testing with Real Mobile Devices on AWS Device Farm.
  3. Modern day better performing API with AppSync (GraphQL)
  4. How to achieve Mobile Contactless Payment?.(Using NFC tech.)
  5. Build Live Video Streaming Ingestion using Serverless Architecture
  6. Power your business with AI Personal Assistant 
  7. The lean UX Design behind compelling User experience
  8. Data Analytics with Python

Our experts were keen on addressing it with exact examples along with the insights of them for easy perception. We also cleared the doubts of them with also considering the feedback from them to enhance ourselves.

Our neoteric product launch

GITEX became the perfect platform to launch our fully-exceptional and feature-packed software named “DigitalWorkSmart”. Our certified professionals were responsible for explaining the nook and corner of the way the application remains beneficial for multiple businesses! This product was launched to help businesses that are looking to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, make the business operations hassle-free, and double their profits! We also collected the feedback from them and have planned to implement them in the future!

Business cards Distribution

In order to reach us instantly and easily, we distributed our business cards to everyone out there! We also offered Digital Passes which was done by scanning the QR Code. Once the code gets scanned, our brochure gets automatically displayed on their mobiles. It will have all the relevant information about us. In order to stay relevant, we also posted periodic updates of the event on our social media pages.

Following up the Safety Guidelines

We were well aware of the Covid crisis and followed all the safety precautions such as Social Distancing, Masks, Sanitizers, etc to safeguard ourselves.

New Appointments

We were open to providing virtual passes to the required ones. This had helped out most businesses who are struggling to find their way towards the event! We were also open to new appointments for discussing ideas for their businesses!

Gallery Section

You can now have a sneak-peek into the gallery section which we have clicked at the event! You can have a quick glance at the clicked pictures.

Putting it all together

Overall, the GITEX event was a great success for the Way2Smile team. In addition to benefiting ourselves, we also offered our lending hands to other businesses with our rich expertise. GITEX event made us meet interesting people with different thoughts and explore their thoughts on tackling various challenges!